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Asbestos was only fully banned from use in 1999, so if your premises were built or refurbished before then, there is a possibility that asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) could be present. Refurbishments after 1999 and work using imported materials could also contain ACMs

The use of Asbestos was generally in decline in the 90’s. However, some asbestos materials are still in widespread use, in particular in corrugated fibre-cement roof sheeting commonly seen roofing older industrial units and sheds etc. Asbestos materials are also in use elsewhere and may have been added to buildings after the 90’s, so, the 1999 cut off point is not a guarantee that asbestos materials are not present

Asbestos Action Ltd. have surveyed buildings constructed after 1999 and have found asbestos materials!! The Duty Holder is required by Law to be able to demonstrate that asbestos is or isn’t present in a building.

Recently constructed buildings should have a Bill of Materials within the CDM file and this should have a statement within exclaiming that the building was not constructed with any hazardous materials in accordance with CDM Regs. If this certificate has been lost, then generally the only way to replace it is to have an asbestos survey carried out which should result in an Asbestos Register with no entries within.