About Us

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About us

Asbestos Action is a small, professional consultancy with over 10 years of experience in the sector, and provides a complete service to enable commercial organisations and domestic customers to comply with current legislation.

Asbestos Action provide uniformed staff that are also CRB checked and are previously cleared to work on Police and MoD establishments.

Health and Safety during surveys

Work during surveys frequently involves working close to, or with, asbestos. During inspection and sampling, the area is cordoned off and possible fibre release is minimised to ensure the safety of the surveyors and the building’s users or occupiers.

Asbestos Action operatives carry the correct specialist type vacuuming equipment to clear up any minor amounts of debris created and also have a full repair kit to fill any holes or marks created, if required.

Quality Assurance

As a Limited Company – Company Registered No. 13982759 – Asbestos Action is committed to operating to the highest Quality Assurance Standards. Asbestos Action is organised and operates to the standards defined in ISO 9000.

All Asbestos Action operatives are fully certified in accordance with the HSE and hold British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) to a minimum standard of BOHS P402 (Buildings Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos (including Risk Assessment and Risk Management Strategies) Proficiency Module.

Action Asbestos Operating Methodology is available to Clients upon request.


Asbestos Action uphold the highest standards of business ethics and only employ surveyors with the highest personal integrity.


You will just be wasting your money and possibly still be breaking the law. All Asbestos Action Operatives are fully trained and fully certified in accordance with the HSE and hold National General Certificates.

Refer to the HSE’s improvement and prohibition database for peace of mind, under Indemnity Insurance.

Please request any proof of certifications needed.

Previous work Undertaken

  • Airports / Airport Buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Schools / Colleges

  • Care homes

  • Football Stadiums

  • Office buildings

  • Housing

  • Warehouses

Indemnity Insurance

Asbestos Action is fully covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance as follows:

Policy Number HUP16 9542140 Underwritten By: LLJ Associates Td Indemnity Limit £1,000,000 (in any one claim)

Asbestos Action have been trained under the UK National Asbestos Training and Accreditation Scheme and accredited by BOHS to undertake all types of these asbestos surveys and Asbestos Action’s work is regularly monitored by them. The location, condition and extent of all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) and suspected asbestos containing materials identified during the asbestos survey are recorded in the form of an Asbestos Register. It is a mandatory HSE requirement to have such a document. Confirmation of asbestos content obtained through sampling is added to the Asbestos Register.